Do you have a minimum or maximum age?


We think the virtual party concept works best with guests 6 years old and older. That being said, please send us an e-mail if your child is younger than that! As for maximum age…we are kids at heart, so if you’re older than 6 and want to learn how to make cupcakes or pizza, we’d love to have you!


What snail mail service will the kit come through?




What platform will the partie be streamed from?


Zoom. You will receive the instructions on how to access our private page via e-mail.


How long will the partie last?


We anticipate about a 2-hour block of time. Your partie link will be available for 30 minutes after the scheduled end time, however, just in case there are some fashionably late guests or you’d like to ‘hang out’ after the party is over.


As the parent host, I’d like to pay for everything (including the ingredients my guests need to buy). Can I do that?


Yes. Please send us an e-mail at so we can discuss the best method.


My child doesn’t like any of the themes or hands-on cooking activities you’ve listed. Can we make up our own?


Totally! We love to be creative, so we’re happy to accommodate. The additional charge will depend on the theme and what curated items we need to source for the partie kit.


My child has more than five friends (and I’d like to invite some family!). Can we add more guests?


Yes, of course! Each additional "partie kit" is $60. While there is no ‘maximum’ on a virtual platform, however, we do want to make your experience as inclusive and special as possible, so please keep that in mind.


Food Allergies! Can you accommodate?


Yes, but please send us a quick e-mail with the exact question so we can best troubleshoot.


A most important question! Do you include birthday candles for the birthday girl or boy?


We sure do! It’s not a celebration without candles.

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All Photos By Emma Rose Milligan