Check your mailbox(s)!

What do we mean by that? First, you and your guests will receive a virtual recipe card via e-mail, which lists all the ingredients and materials needed for a successful virtual event. Don’t worry – all the ingredients are easily found (and you may even have them at home already)! Second, each "partie kit" will be sent by our team via snail mail to the birthday girl or boy and five friends she or he would like to celebrate with!

What’s inside?

We feature four themes and two chef-led cooking class topics to choose from. All kits are curated specifically for the theme and the specific age group. There will be enough swag for four people per kit (think: napkins, sprinkles and cupcake toppers!), so the whole family can join in.

My child will love this, but we need some help in the kitchen.

Not to worry, this is where we shine! Each kit includes a virtual, chef-led cooking activity. Our parties are about two hours long and are full of hands-on kitchen fun. Cupcakes? Check! Pizza? Check! Savory or sweet, we promise it’s a real treat. From our kitchen to yours, we have perfected the virtual teaching model, so grab those aprons and let’s get cooking!

Dream Themes

Here at Chefs de Partie, we love a good theme. We have four to choose from and are of course happy to offer customized themes and menu items as well.

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All Photos By Emma Rose Milligan